Intuitive Spiritual Coach
& Reiki Master

I provide heart-centered, intuitive guidance and energy healing to help individuals connect with their own inner guidance and align with their most authentic selves.

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Welcome To My World!

My role on this Earth is to be a light.

To show you what you cannot yet see.

To help you discover your own magic.

A whole new world of possibility.

Oh, my darling what a magical world indeed!

You're Here For A Reason...

Everything happens for a reason and a purpose.  You may not always know what these are, but they aren’t accidental.  Our divine guidance is always in play, you just may not always be aware of it.  

What led you to this site today?  Was it intentional?  Was it sheer curiosity?  Was it a subconscious message or pull you received?  Maybe you’re seeking a life coach or energy therapist.  Maybe you came across this site because it simply jumped out at you.  Maybe you had a flash of a thought that said, “Click the link.”

However you were led, you’re here because you had a thought, received a message, felt a pull or a tug, and you clicked the link.  Whether intentional or subconsciously guided, you’re NOT here by accident.  You’re here because you’re meant to be!

The Magical Journey

  I call it a journey because it truly is.  Aligning with your authentic self is a magical journey into self-discovery and self-exploration of your gifts, passions, and purpose.  It’s also about the excavation of old and cultivation of new beliefs, habits, and behaviors.  Along this magical journey you will learn how to connect and listen to your body and inner guide, and trust the answers and messages you receive.  You’ll discover the magic of the special gifts you posess and how to use them for your greatest good.  This journey inward leads to an awakening, a deeper spiritual connection, profound growth, healing, and transformation.  Just like any journey, navigating uncharted territory is exciting and fun as you discover and explore new things about your Self and the world around you.  This uncharted territory can also be confusing at times and you may feel a bit overwhelmed or lost.  This is why support on your journey from someone who is empathetic, experienced, and insightful is important, and I’m here for you.        

As with any journey, the destination is the ultimate goal, but the experiences along the way are what offer the most learning and growth.  These experiences spark the excitement of and connection to the journey and goal.  Are you ready to experience your life in a whole new way?  Your magical journey awaits.  Let’s rock and roll!

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Love Notes

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"I had the pleasure of being coached by Jen Schmitt from June – December 2020. Once she accepted me as a client, we planned out the full set of meetings and met every two weeks. I was so reassured seeing that appointment on my calendar. I looked forward to our talks. Now here’s the amazing part. There was no agenda for each session, we simply caught up and discussed whatever was present for me. There were some raw and real revelations on my part. It broke my heart to hear some of the things aloud that I had previously only thought or felt. Each moment of truth was a personal revelation that Jen helped me to deliver for examination and reflection. During our time together I accepted a new job, made the hard decision to sell a home that I was VERY emotionally attached to, move to a new city-state, and start anew in a new home. The story I was telling myself about my life was limiting and untrue. The new story that I’m living is much more fulfilling and limitless! I would recommend coaching by Jen to everyone seeking a confidant, a true listener, and the person that can help you return the magic to your life."
Rebecca H.
"After the pandemic lockdown forced me to re-examine where I was in life, I found Jen Schmitt in August 2020 and worked with her for six months. When we started, I just wanted to find more balance. Little did we know that I was about to enter one of the most stressful periods of my career. During that time, Jen provided a friendly ear and helped me reframe my outlook on work. She helped me make my health and mental wellness needs a priority and gave me tools to use when I need to recenter myself. She helped me believe I was worth the effort. In one reiki session, she helped me cut some toxic connections to a couple of past relationships and move past the grief of losing a beloved pet. She inspired me to actively pursue a hobby I love and take the trip of a lifetime. Even several months after our last coaching session, the work I did with Jen makes me a more content person, satisfied with who I am and where I am in life. I highly recommend her services."
Kari F.

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