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Writing my story for this book was healing in itself. I'm so incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity to co-author such a compelling book with my friend and best-selling author, Alicia McBride!

This international best selling book is the MUST HAVE book for empaths!

Are you an Empath? This book will be a beacon for your life!

"Imagine you meet someone new, and you instantly feel
comfortable with them. You feel safe. You may share
more with them in a few minutes than you have with
others throughout your lifetime. You can’t explain it, but
they seem bright and open. Being near them feels natural.
You are excited to share with them; you are happy to be
around them. You can’t believe how much came out of
your mouth to a complete stranger in the grocery store.
That person is an empath. These are their stories.
These are stories about love, hope, death, courage, life,
perseverance, recovery, transformation, and joy. These are
real stories shared from the heart. You will probably laugh,
cry, and feel a great deal of heart-swelling satisfaction.
They are meant to inspire you and maybe change your life
for the better. Each story is unique, but you can see we are
all moving toward the same destination, with each author
taking a different path.
The idea for this book was born out of my love of hearing
other people’s stories. I like being the empath in the
grocery store with whom you overshare. You can share
your troubles with me; I’m a safe space. I’m a deep feeler
and a deep thinker. I don’t care what you had for breakfast;
I want to know what your life looks like, what makes you
tick, what makes you dance, and why you smile when it
I gave these beautiful authors one task- tell me about your
empath effect."
Forward by Alicia McBride

Twenty-two authors share their incredible stories about love, hope, courage, perseverance, recovery, transformation, and joy as an Empath. This compelling book of stories will inspire you and "heal parts of your heart and soul".

Welcome To My World!

“Empaths are a part of a very unique, exclusive club

with special, indispensable gifts.

You’re so much more than you’ve been led to believe,

and if you embrace this strength in you,

doors of abundance will open.”

"Am I an Empath?"

You’re most likely here because you’re asking yourself this question, or maybe you’ve never heard the term “Empath” before, but you know you experience things differently from those around you.  You have super strong feelings and are routinely labeled as being “too sensitive” or “too emotional”.  You feel drained and overwhelmed much of the time, especially around certain people or large crowds, and you don’t know why. 

An Empath is someone who has the ability to not only sense, but also absorb and embody the emotional (and sometimes physical) state of another person.  Empaths see the world through a very different lens than the majority of people.  While most people see with their eyes through their sense of sight, Empaths actually experience the world through their feelings and emotions.  Empaths are extremely intuitive beings, hyper sensitive to energy in and around themselves, and have a keen understanding of other’s pain and emotional needs.  They unknowingly absorb this energy and experience the emotions and pain of others as their own.  Because of this tremendous ability, Empaths tend to feel burdened or “cursed”, oftentimes overwhelmed by all of the emotions and feelings they’re experiencing, and tend to suffer from anxiety or depression.

Empaths KNOW they’re different from their peers.  They go through life feeling out of place or like they don’t fit in.  They tend to feel severely misunderstood or that very few people “get” them. Given that Empaths make up only 15% of the population, it’s easy to see why they feel this way!  

However, there are beautiful and amazing sides to being part of this distinguished group, and is very much a blessing in disguise.  As your guide I’m here to show you how to embrace and navigate your Empathic gifts.  When you do this you’ll unlock even more magic and you’ll live your best life with greater intention.

The Power of the Empath

  Being an Empath is special.  It’s exceptionally powerful, really.  Unfortunately, many Empaths go through life feeling powerless.  Once you learn how to embrace and cultivate your gifts, you become empowered.  Being an Empath is actually a superpower!

While being an Empath certainly has it’s challenges, every “curse” can be transformed into a blessing.  Every seemingly negative trait of the Empath, has an opposing positive spin.  For instance, feeling everything all of the time means you feel everything all of the time.  Do you realize how amazing it really is to feel the emotions of others?  What a beautiful gift to be able to experience other’s emotions in this way.  Feeling overwhelmed and drained much of the time?  This superpower is why you experience love and compassion to a greater capacity than most people.  This is a beautiful thing!

Reframing the stories being told of yourself or those impressed upon you by others, having a keen awareness of how information and energy is being received, transmuting that energy, and proper self-care are all essential for the empowered Empath.  By learning how to intuitively listen to your body and the messages being received, you can decipher the emotions and needs of others.  So, while you may feel different, out of place, or like you don’t fit in, your unique abilities are beautiful gifts that are much needed in this world.  Take a look around.  This world needs you, your love, compassion, understanding, and guidance.  You’re not ordinary, you’re extraordinary.

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Love Notes

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"I had the pleasure of being coached by Jen Schmitt from June – December 2020. Once she accepted me as a client, we planned out the full set of meetings and met every two weeks. I was so reassured seeing that appointment on my calendar. I looked forward to our talks. Now here’s the amazing part. There was no agenda for each session, we simply caught up and discussed whatever was present for me. There were some raw and real revelations on my part. It broke my heart to hear some of the things aloud that I had previously only thought or felt. Each moment of truth was a personal revelation that Jen helped me to deliver for examination and reflection. During our time together I accepted a new job, made the hard decision to sell a home that I was VERY emotionally attached to, move to a new city-state, and start anew in a new home. The story I was telling myself about my life was limiting and untrue. The new story that I’m living is much more fulfilling and limitless! I would recommend coaching by Jen to everyone seeking a confidant, a true listener, and the person that can help you return the magic to your life."
Rebecca H.
"After the pandemic lockdown forced me to re-examine where I was in life, I found Jen Schmitt in August 2020 and worked with her for six months. When we started, I just wanted to find more balance. Little did we know that I was about to enter one of the most stressful periods of my career. During that time, Jen provided a friendly ear and helped me reframe my outlook on work. She helped me make my health and mental wellness needs a priority and gave me tools to use when I need to recenter myself. She helped me believe I was worth the effort. In one reiki session, she helped me cut some toxic connections to a couple of past relationships and move past the grief of losing a beloved pet. She inspired me to actively pursue a hobby I love and take the trip of a lifetime. Even several months after our last coaching session, the work I did with Jen makes me a more content person, satisfied with who I am and where I am in life. I highly recommend her services."
Kari F.

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