As an empath, you view life through a very different lens.  Being in all the “feels” all the time, but it’s overwhelming and often feels like a lonely, misunderstood, and sometimes scary road you never asked to be on.  In fact, this most likely feels more like a curse than a gift.  Am I right? 

In Badass Boot Camp, you will begin to develop an appreciation for your extraordinary gift, and gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening to you and why (No, you’re not crazy!).  Learn how to distinguish the difference between your energy and someone else’s, how to effectively process the intrusive energy, and keep yourself in the driver’s seat.  Receive proper steps, tools, guidance, and support to alleviate the overwhelm, stress, and anxiety, so you can feel lighter, have more energy, feel more self-confident, and live your best life.  You will become a badass empath! 

This course is for you if:


Module 1 – What the F**k is Happening to Me? Understanding Your Empathic Self

The first module focuses on learning about yourself as an empath, what being an empath means for you, how your empath brain and energetic body works, and how to effectively discern between your feelings and those of others.

Module 2 – Please, Shut It Off! Regulating Yourself & Transmuting Energy

In the second module, you will learn highly effective self-regulation techniques, how to properly shield and ground yourself, and how to transmute and send energy.

Module 3 – Boundaries Are An Empaths BFF – Setting & Holding Strong Boundaries

Module three offers you an understanding on why setting boundaries is so important as an empath, how to set strong boundaries, appropriate ways to handle resistance and boundary violation from others (because it does happen), and how to keep yourself out of the drowning pool.

Module 4 – Recharge Your Batteries – Self-Care For Yourself, First

Why self-care is so important as an empath and why you should be caring for yourself first, practicing self-love, effective techniques and self-care ideas, and reframing of old beliefs and thought patterns.


FREE 10-minute guided grounding meditation

FREE pre-recorded reiki healing session

 FREE “Self-Care for Empaths” Sheet

FREE Lifetime Access to The Badass Empath – Badass Boot Camp Facebook Group

4 Training Modules – (Value $800)

Bonuses – (Value $200)

Facebook Access + Community – (Priceless)



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