Writing my story for this book was healing in itself. I’m so incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity to co-author such a compelling book with my friend and best-selling author, Alicia McBride!

This international best selling book is the MUST HAVE book for empaths!

Are you an Empath? This book will be a beacon for your life!

“Imagine you meet someone new, and you instantly feel
comfortable with them. You feel safe. You may share
more with them in a few minutes than you have with
others throughout your lifetime. You can’t explain it, but
they seem bright and open. Being near them feels natural.
You are excited to share with them; you are happy to be
around them. You can’t believe how much came out of
your mouth to a complete stranger in the grocery store.
That person is an empath. These are their stories.
These are stories about love, hope, death, courage, life,
perseverance, recovery, transformation, and joy. These are
real stories shared from the heart. You will probably laugh,
cry, and feel a great deal of heart-swelling satisfaction.
They are meant to inspire you and maybe change your life
for the better. Each story is unique, but you can see we are
all moving toward the same destination, with each author
taking a different path.
The idea for this book was born out of my love of hearing
other people’s stories. I like being the empath in the
grocery store with whom you overshare. You can share
your troubles with me; I’m a safe space. I’m a deep feeler
and a deep thinker. I don’t care what you had for breakfast;
I want to know what your life looks like, what makes you
tick, what makes you dance, and why you smile when it
I gave these beautiful authors one task- tell me about your
empath effect.”
Forward by Alicia McBride

Twenty-two authors share their incredible stories about love, hope, courage, perseverance, recovery, transformation, and joy as an Empath. This compelling book of stories will inspire you and “heal parts of your heart and soul”.

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