The term “mindset” refers to the set of beliefs that shape how you view the world and yourself.  Your mindset is reflected by your thoughts, feelings, and behavior in all circumstances of your daily life.  As an empath, your feelings, thoughts, and behavior are processed through a different lens from the majority of people.  This leads to a tug-of-war inside of you between the desire to think differently and more positively, versus what energy you’re picking up and what your body is saying.  So, it makes sense why typical mindset work doesn’t always work for you in the way it’s originally intended.

There’s more to mindset work than just “thinking differently” or “choosing different thoughts”.  As an empath, your highly attuned to energy, and you receive energetic and intuitive hits FIRST.  Your intuition plays the biggest role leading into your thoughts, so it must be considered.  

Empaths also have a natural ability for emotional intelligence and cognitive empathy.  Which means you can see and understand other’s energy and emotions automatically, and with great accuracy because you FEEL it.  However, you may struggle with managing emotions, as the different energies and feelings flooding you are overwhelming.  This may lead to some friction, especially in your close relationships. 

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and as an empath your intuition and energetic body are equally as powerful.  Learning how to function intentionally with these three key components in tandem is essential in changing your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck in various areas of your life.   

Here’s how you will benefit from taking this course.


Week 1 – Getting To Know All About You

Inside the Mind of An Empath – What’s Going On in There?

You know you feel things differently than others do, but did you know you actually think differently, too?  Empaths have a sensory processing sensitivity, which leads you to feeling a bit like a human lightning rod.  Understanding the differences inside your empathic brain allows for a greater awareness with why you think and do the things you do!  

Your Energetic Body

As an empath, it’s equally as important to understand your first language…energy!  Your energetic body is where information is actually received first before it’s filtered through our mental lens.  Energy is often stored here and sometimes can become stuck.  It’s fascinating learning about what happens inside of your energetic body, which includes your aura, meridians, and chakras, and why it’s beneficial to your well-being to master an awareness of it.   

What Type of Empath Am I?

What type of empath are you?  There are many different strengths empaths possess from the way we read energy from people, places, and things.  You are stronger and more in tune with the energy within these different areas.  Here, we dive into the many types of empaths and what your empath strength is. You’ll learn about the characteristics of each type, and how to develop and cultivate your specific type(s).    

Week 2 – Mindset Magic

The Empath Model

Empaths aren’t like everyone else.  Typical ways of thinking and changing thought patterns don’t always work because you feel things deeper and differently than the majority of people.  Learn a new model for processing your intuition, thoughts, and energy collectively, and eliminate the confusion between these energies.  

There’s Magic in the Mess

Learning through failure is actually a pivotal part of your growth. It’s in knowing what works and what doesn’t, and then working towards a different, more desired outcome. 

Mighty Mindset – Setting the Stage for Growth

“You need thicker skin.”  Sound familiar?  We’re going to unpack that here!  Learn how you can make shifts in your thinking patterns and processes.  Even the smallest of steps count.  You were taught things since the beginning of time that aren’t serving your highest good to carry around anymore.  It’s time to shake up and reframe some old beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck.

Week 3 – 20,000 Leagues Into Your Depths

Deeper Waters – The True Depths of Your Emotional Being

As an empath, you are naturally emotionally intelligent and cognitively empathetic towards others.  You’re probably not aware that you automatically do these things!  However, the downside is you may not always have a handle on your emotions and are easily overwhelmed at times.  Bringing your awareness to it makes you even stronger emotionally and empathically.  Feeling everything doesn’t need to feel awful.

Uncharted Waters of the Subconscious

Your intuition is one of the greatest gifts you’ve been given.  Empaths have a keen 6th sense and you’re no exception!  You may be aware of these messages coming in or you may not, but tapping into this (re)Source is going to exponentially increase your ability to “see” things more clearly, and make decisions faster and with ease.

Casting Out Your Line

What you focus your attention on, you attract…so says the Law of Attraction.  Manifesting what you desire is actually a much simpler process than you may believe.  Learn to manifest with ease and call in to your life all of the things you’ve been desiring and watch how your life changes as a result!   

Floating Away

Meditation is a key component to your life.  Practicing routine meditation has a ton of benefits including reduces stress, improved quality of sleep, lower blood-pressure, promotes creativity, increases self-awareness, and improves mental clarity, just to name a few!  We’ll dive into the practice and I’ll share my tips and tricks to help you start or improve your meditation journey.



Week 4 – Bringing The Darkness To Light

What’s Lurking in the Shadows?

When working with your shadow, you’re essentially working with the part of your subconscious that you’ve repressed, and hidden from others and yourself.  Confronting this side of yourself may seem scary, but it is totally necessary for your healing and evolution.  Shadow work brings these darker places to light and allows you to accept yourself fully and heal in the process, so you can gain clarity and live with better intention. 
A Touch of Trauma
Trauma is a big part of your shadow side. We all experience trauma in our lives at some point, but as an empath your experiences and history with trauma is a very deep well.  This is an aspect of your shadow self that can’t go without healing.  Identifying your triggers and learning how to process and work through them takes courage.  Healing this aspect of your shadow is one of the greatest acts of self-love you can do!
Balancing Act

There is light in the darkness, and darkness in the light.  Every person, man or woman, possess both masculine and feminine energetic aspects.  Each side reflects areas of your life where there needs to be more balance, and these are revealed through your thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.  When these energies become strongly one sided or out of balance, your masculine or feminine shadow becomes the forefront.  When you can embody every aspect of the masculine and feminine, you become limitless.  Life becomes a whole new experience


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