Welcome to The Badass Empath Academy!

As an empath you’re always energetically sensing and feeling everyone and everything around you. People always come to you for advice and random strangers tell you their life stories.  You have a strong desire to help and please others and you give to the point of over giving, you’re repeatedly sucked into toxic relationships, constantly overwhelmed, drained, and maybe even suffering from anxiety or depression.  Let’s face it, you’re an energy sponge, an emotional lightning rod, and you’re tuned in to every frequency of every living thing on the planet.  You may have been to therapy or tried mindset work in the past, you’ve succumbed to the idea that this is how your life will forever be.  No one understands what you’re experiencing, you feel lost and alone, cursed, and you just want to shut it off so you can feel “normal”.


Regardless of these feelings, you have a burning desire to help others, you long for happy, healthy relationships, and you want to heal the trauma, anxiety, and depression.  You want and need to take control of your life, if only you could control the waves of energy and emotions coming in.  You know there’s so much more to yourself and your abilities, but you hold back because you’re unsure of how to go about any of this, who to turn to, or where to start.

I’ve been where you are.

I spent the majority of my life feeling lost, alone, and cursed by my gifts.  My gifts controlled me and my life.  I endured emotional traumas, I found myself repeatedly in toxic relationships, battling anxiety, and I felt like I was suffocating.  I was completely overwhelmed, trying to make sense of it all, and no one understood my experiences.  I didn’t know of anyone who was able to give the support and knowledge I needed to allow myself to embrace my gifts and thrive.

 This is why I created The Badass Empath Academy! 

It’s time to take control of your life and thrive as an empath with new found energy and greater confidence by learning to embrace your badass empathic self and cultivate your magical gifts.  Step off the emotional roller coaster and learn how to allow your gifts to work FOR you through proper steps, healthy techniques, and tools.  You’re not alone in your empathic journey.  You have a lot of questions, it’s time to receive the answers.  

The Badass Empath Academy consists of six unique courses designed to provide you with the vital knowledge and essential tools necessary to thrive as a badass empath!  

Each specialized course consists of four informative modules, invaluable tools, free bonuses, and lifetime access to the course Facebook group.  Enroll in one or all six today, and start unleashing the badass empath in you!

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Each course is only

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This is Badass Boot Camp and what every empath needs to know packed into an eye-opening, must have, four-week course.  Inside this boot camp you will learn about what’s happening to you and why, how to effectively process all of the information and energy coming in, and receive proper tips and tools you need to thrive as an empath!


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